Our Products....
We can provide you and your family with all your holiday and barbeque needs!
Please call and inquire about Greek Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas packages.
- We carry all kinds of steaks: porterhouse, filet mignon, rib eye, and T-Bone
- Turkeys: With all the trimmings for your Thanksgiving meal!
- Stews: rib lamb, beef, pork, and veal.
- Roasts: Pork loins, Leg of Lamb, Beef roasts
- Chops: Loin lamb, rib lamb, and pork chops.
- Rabbits
- Chicken: Whole, Chicken legs, breasts
- Quails
- All varieties of kebabs: lamb, pork, chicken and beef
- All varieties of cutlets
- Whole baby lambs
- Whole pigs
- Whole Goats
- Homemade Greek sausages- 2 varieties
- Italian sausage
- All organ meats
- Hot Dogs
Prices vary due to market pricing, please call for our competitive prices! Call for current rates: (718)-728-1760
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